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A Wolf kitchen range is a leader in the stove appliance field. It is known for its reliability and it functions better than most other similar stoves. Professional chefs and commercial kitchens rely on Wolf to provide them with the type of heat necessary to create outstanding foods. You surely will find a Wolf in almost any high-end commercial cooking establishment today.

The Wolf Appliance Company leads the world today in offering only the best ranges. It now has a specialized range that uses both gas and electricity for cooking. The cook top utilizes gas for more even and controlled cooking while the oven is powered by electricity. This technological advancement has put Wolf in the forefront of innovative kitchen products. Chefs now have the opportunity to use dual fuels in a single multipurpose range.

The Wolf dual fuel range is constructed out of heavy duty stainless steel and comes in four sizes – 36″ single, 48″ double, 60″ double and 30″ single. The electrical oven gives off an even heat by using its convection system. There are four heating elements in the stove along with two convection fans. Chefs have the opportunity to use the stove for baking, broiling and roasting any type of food. The control panel is hidden from view so that it isn’t an eyesore when the stove is not being used. Chefs are able to easily keep track of the oven’s temperature at all times by easily seeing the temperature gauge through the glass front on the control panel.

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The gas cook top on top of the range is remarkable and allows chefs to keep their foods at the right temperature – all the time. It’s easy to simmer foods (like soups and sauces) at as low as 200 degrees. On the other hand, obtaining higher heat is instantaneous if it’s needed to cook other types of foods. This outstanding feature allows chefs to cook many foods simultaneously at varying temperatures.

A Wolf kitchen range is absolutely stellar! It can’t be beat for its amazing performance and durability. It is also beautiful to look at with its colored knobs and bright oven interior. Stainless steel makes it a snap to clean and its surfaces are easy to keep looking like new forever.