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From the ancient Chinese herb medication studies, Go Qi, or Chinese wolf berry, has many benefits and special effects in retaining our body health. Some myths mentioning that by drinking the Chinese wolf berries water will prolong the human life span over hundred years old, even though it is a myth but many Chinese people in China are practicing this, as it is very easy to prepare and most us are lazy to prepare this and that in order to get the nutrition from a food, the best if we can talk raw without any preparation. It has very rich in carotene, various vitamins, calcium, and iron. However, it is not any magic medicine, you need to continuously take this for while before you can see the real effects.

Here are the effects and benefits:

  1. Enhance our eye sight and eye care.
    2. Detox our liver, improve the liver function.
    3. Improve our immune system.
    4. Anti-aging. It has proven by some of the western health and nutrition researcher in United Kingdom.

Ways to prepare or taking Go Qi in our daily diet:

Chinese wolf berry is sensitive to heat, and the vitamin is easily destroyed in hot water, oil and environment. So suggestion in cooking it with just slight frying, steam or slightly dip in hot water. otc phentermine alternatives

  1. Add 1-2 tablespoon in any stir fry or steam vegetables.
    2. Add 2 tablespoon into porridge cooking.
    3. Mix it into the mince meat that use to make dumpling.
    4. Add 1-2 teaspoon into any tea.
    5. Blend it together with soy juice.
    6. Add into any Chinese soup.

Some precautions while taking Go Qi:

  1. People with a weaker body and lower body immune system should take this more often to regain the healthy body.
    2. People with stronger and heat based body like those are having fever, diarrhea need to avoid in taking this.
    3. There is an expired date for the Chinese wolf berry, if it smells like alcohol, the Chinese wolf berry is spoiled.

Well, the experts has mentioned that the best way to take Go Qi is by adding it into stir fry vegetables, cook in porridge and soup. At some extent if it is clean enough, you can take it raw, it tastes like sweet. But remember, only taking it in persistence then you will see the good effect of Chinese wolf berry brings to you.

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